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Dr. Gardner on Injection Bruising

Video Transcript – Dr. Gardner on Injection Bruising

Hi, Dr. Gardner again, and one of the things that happens during injections—Botox and fillers like Juvederm—is bruising. Nobody likes bruising; the doctors don’t like bruising; the patients hate bruising. But if you’re going to take the step of doing injections of Botox or fillers, you have to accept that part of the procedure may result in a bruise. What is a bruise? A bruise is nothing more than blood under the skin; it causes discoloration and fades over time as the blood is absorbed. That’s what a bruise is; it isn’t that the needle created trauma.

Anytime you take a needle required for an injection and stick it into the skin, you’re going to get some bleeding. If the blood gets trapped under the skin, you’ll get a bruise. To avoid bruising, avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, or any blood thinners for two weeks before your appointment. Lay the patient flat, use magnifying glasses (loops), and apply ice on the area right before injection. If you get a bruise, an anti-bruising kit with arnica and bromelain is available, and bruises usually subside in two or three days. Thanks very much.

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