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Male Cosmetic Surgery

Naples Plastic Surgery

Dr. Gardner on Male Plastic Surgery for Men: Why Plastic Procedures are Increasing for Men

Men throughout Southwest Florida are coming to realize the benefits of plastic and cosmetic surgery. The procedures offered at Naples Plastic Surgery can help improve a feeling of self-consciousness or doubt.

What Can Cosmetic Surgery Do For You?

Plastic or cosmetic surgery can treat the buildup of stubborn fat that is typically resistant to traditional diet and exercise. Fat in areas like under the arms, below the chin, on the lower abdomen, and many other areas are known as “stubborn fat” areas. Men can also experience a more toned appearance and skin tightening and rejuvenation. There are many reasons for men to elect for cosmetic surgeries and just as many options tailor-made for their needs.

Under the outstanding care of Dr. Paul Gardner and Dr. Leo Baccaro, male patients at Naples Plastic Surgery have successfully eliminated stubborn fatty deposits, tightened and toned their midsections, removed sagging skin and much more. Our plastic surgeons offer an array of sophisticated body contouring procedures to meet all of their male patients’ needs.

Considering Male Plastic or Cosmetic Body Contouring

There are typically two categories of cosmetic or plastic surgery to consider: Aesthetic and reconstructive. Individuals who elect for aesthetic cosmetic surgery are seeking to bring a balance to their body or bring out more of their natural appeal whereas reconstructive surgeries are used to treat visible scars, skin cancer, or injuries.

Cosmetic body surgery is performed to improve the visible appearance and aesthetics of the body. Common options for men seeking the services of Naples Plastic Surgery are gynecomastia or male breast reduction, hair restoration, chin augmentation, facelifts, and liposuction. Read below for a list of every body procedure available at Naples Plastic Surgery.

Your Plastic Surgeon

A member of the American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons, and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Gardner has met the strict regulations and standards of some of the most prestigious medical organizations in the country. In addition, he has completed advanced fellowship training in plastic surgery and lends his unique eye for aesthetics to every procedure.
As a proud graduate of the residency program in plastic and reconstructive surgery at one of the world’s most prestigious medical centers, Dr. Baccaro specializes in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. With training at Houston Methodist Hospital under some of the leaders in the field, Dr. Baccaro has a keen interest in both cosmetic surgeries of the body and reconstruction needed to repair damage from illness or traumatic injuries.

Patients who trust Dr. Gardner, Dr. Baccaro, Dr. Walsh, and Dr. Bonett for their cosmetic procedures know they are in good hands.


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Male Hair Restoration

Hair loss is an extremely common problem which affects many men. Hair loss can be caused by stress, disease, medical treatments, genetics, and age. Hair restoration or transplants can help men who suffer due to baldness or thinning hair.


Male Breast Reduction

Approximately one-half of all men in the United States suffer from a medical condition in which localized fat and/or excess tissue builds up in the male breast. Gynecomastia has no known cause and can lead males to feel insecure about their appearance. At Naples Plastic Surgery, our surgeons provide treatment for gynecomastia in the form of male breast reduction surgery.


Male Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is an advanced plastic surgery procedure that treats sagging skin around the upper and lower eyelid areas, as well as prominent under-eye bags, sinking eyelids or ptosis (drooping eyelids). Following blepharoplasty, our male patients often look younger and rested, achieving a dramatically improved appearance.

What Our Patients Are Saying

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Your Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedure with Naples Plastic Surgery

Dr. Paul M. Gardner and Dr. Leopoldo M. Baccaro understand the difficult decision making behind undergoing plastic surgery to alter prominent facial features, to ease the signs of aging, or to remove unwanted fat from resistant areas. They work meticulously to create minor changes that dramatically improve the overall balance and aesthetics of the face and body, striving to help their male patients look like enhanced versions of themselves, not surgically altered.

To learn more about male cosmetic surgery with our Naples Plastic Surgery professionals, please contact our office at:


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