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Dr. Gardner on Mini Facelift Surgery

Video Transcript – Dr. Gardner on Mini Facelift Surgery

One of the procedures that we’re really excited about here at Gardner Plastic Surgery is our in-office mini facelift. The reason we’re so excited about it is it is a procedure that is really minimally invasive, and the results are actually really good.

What I love about it is we do the procedures usually on a Monday afternoon. They come in, I see them on Tuesday, very few see very minimal swelling, and a week later, they look like they’ve never had anything done. We take the stitches out; they’re ready to go out to dinner, ready to go to events. They can be in public, and in a week, they are completely healed and they look great.

So that’s why we’re really excited about mini facelifts in the office under local anesthesia with oral sedation. They don’t wake up with a hangover from the anesthesia; they go on with their lives the next day. It’s a great procedure.

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