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Naples, FL Plastic Surgeons Describe Traits that Boost or Limit Plastic Surgery Success

Cosmetic surgery can provide numerous benefits to the women and men who seek it out. Along with the pleasing aesthetics of refined contours, toned skin, slimmer proportions, and a more youthful look, plastic surgery can enhance one’s self-esteem. Many who need reconstructive plastic surgery due to damage caused by accident, birth defect or disease consider the procedure life changing and, in some cases, even lifesaving.

However, optimal results from plastic surgery cannot be guaranteed and specific traits make some people poor candidates for specific procedures. Likewise, certain traits can boost the potential success of plastic surgery outcomes. Whether negative or positive, these traits may be naturally ingrained, lifestyle oriented or emotional in nature. Whatever their source, these traits help dictate whether or not someone is a good candidate for plastic surgery. This means that those considering plastic surgery of any type should always discuss their suitability for plastic surgery candidate with their surgeon and ask if there are any factors that might limit the surgery’s ultimate success.  

The surgeons at southwest Florida’s Naples Plastic Surgery always assess patient suitability for cosmetic surgery and discuss traits that could boost or mitigate a successful outcome. With extensive cosmetic surgery experience and a strong reputation for delivering pleasing aesthetic results, Dr. Paul M. Gardner, Dr. Leo M. Baccaro, Dr. Mark Walsh and Dr. Andrew Bonett provide expert pre-surgical assessments.   

Overall Health is Key

A patient’s overall health typically plays a significant role in surgical outcomes and unhealthy patients are generally not considered good candidates for surgery, plastic or otherwise. The healthier a patient is going into surgery the healthier they usually are during recovery. This helps make for a quicker and more successful recovery, which in turn helps optimize final results. Serious health issues raise the potential for complications to arise during surgery and hinder subsequent recovery post-surgery. For example, heart disease, high-blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, bleeding disorders, and lung-related conditions, pose risks associated with anesthesia and can increase complication risks related to infection, bleeding or skin loss.

Post-surgery and post-recovery, maintaining good health is important for preserving the benefits of plastic surgery. Regular exercise and a healthy diet support the longevity of your cosmetic surgery results.   

You Should Be at or Near Your Ideal Weight 

Those who are overweight do not make good candidates for many plastic surgery procedures because any weight loss post-surgery leads to loose and saggy skin. This tends to negate any positive smoothing, firming, and refining of contours that many procedures achieve.

Avoid Tobacco, Alcohol, and Caffeine

If you smoke, your cosmetic surgery will be reluctant to perform any invasive procedure on you unless you quit. This is because smoking is detrimental to every element of any surgery. It lowers your resistance to potential infections, makes your lungs more susceptible to pneumonia, reduces blood flows necessary for healthy healing, and slows the recovery process. Alcohol and caffeine, which also impact blood flows that are so crucial to successful healing, can decrease the quality of your skin. Thus, a good plastic surgery candidate only consumes them in moderation.

Are you Emotionally Strong and Do You Have Support?

Anyone considering cosmetic surgery needs to approach it with a positive attitude. This positive attitude helps with the recovery and helps address any concerns one might have about what “others” might think about the surgery post-op. You also need a good support system—someone to help with day-to-day activities—to assist you during recovery. This helps reduce potential stressors that could impede a smooth recovery. 

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If you would like to learn more about your suitability for cosmetic surgery, one of our surgeons would be happy to speak to you in a one-on-one consultation. With a stellar reputation in the Southwest Florida area for delivering optimal plastic surgery results, Contact Naples Plastic Surgery today at 239.566.2611.

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