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Category: Hair Restoration

What You Need to Know About Hair Restoration and Aftercare

If hair loss were a disease, it would be considered epidemic as millions of Americans are losing their hair, and roughly 50% of men can expect to experience balding and 25% of women will have visible female pattern baldness by age 50. Those experiencing hair loss cannot stop it as there is no viable cure. However, they can consider several hair restoration options to help fill balding areas and thicken thinning hair.

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Naples Cosmetic Surgeons Ask: “Are You Making Your Hair Loss Worse?

Researchers recently confirmed that stress can turn hair gray, but did you know that stress can also cause hair loss? In 2021, the same researchers who uncovered the link between stress and graying hair published a study identifying the underlying cellular-level mechanisms linking stress to hair loss. While this research may lead to treatments that address stress-induced hair loss, stress avoidance appears to be the only fix for now.

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