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The Top Five Facelift Myths

Along with breast enhancement, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and liposuction, the facelift is among procedures that are most associated with the practice and artistry of plastic surgery. Given that the facelift was the sixth most commonly performed cosmetic surgery performed in the U.S. in 2018 (bet you did not know that eyelid surgery came in fifth!), the association makes perfect sense. This cosmetic procedure would likely be even more popular if not for numerous facelift myths and misconceptions that have long followed it.

Naples, Florida-based Gardner Plastic Surgery has a stellar track record in reversing the signs of facial aging through face lift surgery, and Drs. Paul Gardner and Leo Baccaro are well attuned to all the misconceptions surrounding the procedure. With hundreds of successful facelifts performed, deconstructing the myths and misconceptions is often a key part of their initial facelift consultation. Here then are the top five myths and misconceptions our surgeons address most:

Myth 1: Facelifts Create a Fake or Pulled-Back Facial Look

Facelift surgery has advanced significantly over the past few decades, and newer surgical techniques and tools help plastic surgeons customize facelift surgeries to help achieve the most natural look possible. During your initial consultation with Gardner Plastic Surgery, your surgeon will closely examine the unique features of your face to determine which techniques will deliver the optimum aesthetic results desired. Your skin condition and other factors will dictate your surgeon’s recommendations, which could be as simple as a mini facelift, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Myth 2: Facelifts Provide the Most Benefits to People Over 50

While a person over 50 likely has more visible signs of facial aging than younger people, everyone ages at a different rate. The visible signs of aging are influenced by genetics, sun exposure, smoking, and other poor lifestyle habits, such as diet. Some 50-year-olds can look 35, and some 35-year-olds can look like they’re 50. Thus, no matter what the age, anyone with sagging skin and excessive wrinkling can benefit from the procedure.

Myth 3: Facelift Recovery Times are Exceptionally Long and Painful

Because the facelift is surgery, there is no getting around the need for recovery time, and that this recovery will cause some discomfort. Gardner Plastic Surgery recommends two weeks of downtime before returning to regular activities, and finds that most patients experience full recovery, as marked by end of swelling, in about four weeks. However, pain and discomfort is often most noticeable during the first two days, after which it tends to subside significantly. And any pain and discomfort can be easily addressed with medication and ice packs. Additionally, some patients may benefit from more limited procedures, such as a mini facelift or neck lift. In the appropriate patient, these can be done with a mild sedative and local anesthesia. Mini facelift and neck lift patients can expect quicker recovery times.

Myth 4: Botox™ and Other Dermal Fillers Can Provide Similar Results

While these minimally invasive procedures can reduce signs of aging and ease the look of wrinkles and fine lines, they do not provide the superior skin tightening results of the facelift, nor results that will remain apparent for years. Botox™ and similar treatments often serve best as a pre-facelift treatment regimen, correcting minor imperfections until sagging skin and wrinkling become too pronounced and must be addressed surgically.

Myth 5: Men Do Not Seek Facelifts

Women do represent the bulk of facelift patients, but the numbers of men getting facelift surgery has increased 20 percent since 2000, according to the ASPS, and men now make up about 10 percent of the annual facelift patient population.

Learn More Through a Consultation at Gardner Plastic Surgery

If you would like to learn more about facelift surgery and find out if it’s the right solution for reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging on your face, Dr. Paul Gardner or Dr. Leo Baccaro would be happy to speak to you in a one-on-one consultation. Our surgeons at Gardner Plastic Surgery have a solid reputation for helping patients choose cosmetic procedures that best meet the aesthetic goals of their clients. Contact Gardner Plastic Surgery today at 239.566.2611 to schedule your initial consultation.

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