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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation

The Trending Designer Vagina Surgery

The feminine external genitalia have natural anatomical variation from one woman to the next. So then why is it that vaginal procedures are on the rise? One theory is that increased access to nudity online is creating awareness of a stereotypical ideal vagina. While controversy exists regarding the amount of young woman now scheduling vaginal surgery, it is important to understand the physical and emotional reasons why woman of all ages are choosing this elective surgery for their own wellness.

Many candidates for vaginal rejuvenation procedures are women who may be unhappy with the appearance of their labia or they may have physical discomfort due to a large or elongated labia of either the inner or outer lips. Candidates for this type of surgery desire an improved appearance and youthful function of the vaginal area.

An example of motives for vaginal procedures include:

  • Child bearing, age and trauma may have caused stretching or tearing of vaginal tissue which may at times lead to discomfort during intimate contact.
  • There has been a loss of strength in the muscles of the vaginal area causing reduced sexually satisfaction.
  • Your labia is genetically uneven and you experience discomfort or chronic rubbing or psychological discomfort.

It is true that the internet provides us with an abundant amount of medical information to research. Prior to the internet you had to be brave enough to ask questions. Many women chose to live with these symptoms rather than asking for medical help, as they were unaware that an effective surgical procedure existed. The increase in vaginal rejuvenation procedures may in fact be related to the internet offering awareness of the options available to correct a woman’s feminine concerns and restore her sense of vitality.

What are my Vaginal Rejuvenation Options?

Vaginal rejuvenation enhances the vagina’s cosmetic appearance and can restore a woman’s self-confidence. Procedures for vaginal reconstruction might include a labiaplasty, vaginoplasty or vaginal laser therapy depending on her intimate goals.


Women with long or enlarged labia may consider a labiaplasty to remove excess labia minora tissue so that the lips are shortened or tightened. The procedure can be performed under local or deep sedation. A Labia reduction canimprove its outer appearance for a refreshed look and feel.


A vaginoplasty refers to the surgical tightening of perineal muscles and repairing the rear vaginal wall. It is often combined with a labiaplasty. By strengthening and reducing the width of the vagina women have expressed an increased sense of vitality and an improved intimate lifestyle.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Laser Therapy

Non-surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation have improved considerably and include laser technology which address various intimate challenges. Laser vaginal therapy allows for regeneration of vaginal walls with no surgery and no downtime. The diVa Hybrid Fractional Laser offers this type of technology to enhance your vaginal health. The treatment utilizes two laser therapy techniques at the same time. The first laser resurfaces the vaginal wall, bringing new and healthy tissue, while the second gently warms the tissue to enhance the production of collagen. These two therapies work together create synergistic benefits.

Consult a Plastic Surgeon that Specializes in Vaginal Rejuvenation

Consider meeting with an experienced vaginal rejuvenation plastic surgeon who can offer you a personalized consultation.

Dr. Paul Gardner at Gardner Plastic Surgery consults with each patient to discuss their personal goals and tailor the procedure to that individual patient. Gardner Plastic surgery located in Naples, Florida. For a vaginal rejuvenation consultation call 239.566.2611 today!

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