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Dr Baccaro Breast Lift Video

Dr. Baccaro on Breast Lift

Hi. I’m Dr. Baccaro, and today I wanted to highlight the breast lift – a popular cosmetic procedure that reshapes existing breast tissue to improve droopiness. This procedure lifts the breasts onto the chest for a more youthful appearance and balanced torso.

In general, the procedure requires strategically placed incisions through which excess skin and tissue is removed, while remaining tissues are rearranged into a higher position. Depending upon aesthetic results sought, we rely on a variety of techniques when needed.

We also offer supplementary procedures to further enhance the results. One of these procedures is adding a galaflex mesh scaffold to provide enhanced support and longevity to the lift. Another procedure I commonly perform is fat transfer, which improves the contour and skin quality of lifted breasts.

Women with larger breasts who experience chronic back pain get dual benefits of reduced pain and an improved figure when they combine their breast lift with a breast reduction.

If you’re interested in learning if a breast lift is right for you, contact our office today to set up a consultation.

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