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breast implant revision

Breast Implant Revision: What You Need to Know

Most of the thousands of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery every year express satisfaction with the results. This undoubtedly helps the procedure consistently rank among the top five cosmetic surgeries performed in the U.S. every year. Despite its record of patient satisfaction, some breast implants end up needing revision. This may be due to natural changes to the body, dissatisfaction with the original surgery, or any number of other reasons.   

Whatever the reason, breast implant revision surgery should be conducted by a surgeon with an exceptional record of successful breast augmentation surgeries and secondary breast implant procedures. Based on the issue(s) of concern and patient goals, your surgeon will tailor a personalized breast implant revision plan designed to provide the most natural and aesthetic-looking outcome. Read on to learn more about the reasons for breast implant revision and how Naples Plastic Surgery can meet your implant revision needs. 

Reasons Why a Breast Implant Revision Might be Needed

While some breast implant revisions are necessitated by dissatisfaction with the original results, there are numerous other reasons why women seek a revision, including:

  • Age-related changes to the natural breast tissue, which can lead to a less natural appearance
  • Changes in shape and/or texture of the original implant.
  • Capsular contracture issues which can cause scarring and discomfort
  • “Bottoming out,” in which the implant descends too low in relation to the chest wall
  • Concerns about rippling or rupture with existing implants
  • Desire to change the size or shape of their current implants
  • A wish to no longer have implants
  • Assorted health or medical-related issues

Breast Implant Revision with Naples Plastic Surgery

Due to the wide range of reasons behind a revision, along with the uniqueness of each patient’s aesthetic goals, every breast implant revision surgery is different. For example, the surgery needed for bottoming out will typically vary from that used to address capsular contracture. While many implant revisions involve replacing the implants, some do not. The age and physical condition of the patient, combined with aesthetic goals, will also dictate the extent of surgery needed. In all cases, our physicians are dedicated to addressing any underlying medical problems and ensuring that our patients get the natural-looking outcome they desire.

As such, your Naples Plastic Surgery physician will work closely with you before your surgery to develop a personalized surgical plan. All elements of the proposed surgery are fully discussed in order to address potential concerns and detail the expected outcome. Recovery from breast implant revision is dependent upon the patient’s initial health and the extent of surgery needed. In general, most patients experience relief from the surgery and any pre-op symptoms within two weeks, at which point they also typically report satisfaction with the aesthetic results.  

Consult with Naples Plastic Surgery

If you think you might need breast implant revision surgery or otherwise have concerns about your original implants, Dr. Paul Gardner, Dr. Leo Baccaro, Dr. Mark Walsh or Dr. Andrew Bonett would be happy to speak to you in a one-on-one consultation. The Naples Plastic Surgery team has extensive combined experience helping our patients obtain the beautiful results they desire. Our surgeons also have a stellar reputation in the Southwest Florida area for delivering excellence in breast augmentation and secondary breast implant surgery. To schedule your breast implant revision consultation, Contact Naples Plastic Surgery today at 239.566.2611.

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