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Dr. Baccaro on Skin Cancer Removal

Video Transcript – Dr. Baccaro on Skin Cancer Removal

Living in Florida and being exposed to so much sun, skin cancer is actually quite frequent. You may be asking why should I consult my plastic surgeon to deal with skin cancer?

Well, when it comes to skin cancers, a lot of the time, you need to remove not only the cancer but some surrounding tissue that tends to leave wounds, which are slightly larger than what you might expect. So, it’s important to get somebody who’s trained and capable to not only cover those wounds but do it in such a way to give you a good cosmetic outcome.

As plastic surgeons, we can treat you from an oncologic or cancer standpoint to get rid of your cancer but also move tissue around and hide scars to give you a nice cosmetic result as well. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer or are concerned about spots on your skin, don’t hesitate to call us for your consultation.

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