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Dr. Mark Walsh on Blepharoplasty

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Hi, I’m Dr. Walsh. Are you a man concerned about the aging signs around your eyes? It’s a common experience as time passes—sagging skin, tired-looking eyes, and sometimes even obscured vision. If you’re seeking a solution tailored to masculine aesthetics, allow me to introduce you to blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

During our consultation, we’ll dive into your specific concerns. Blepharoplasty is versatile and can address various issues. If sagging upper eyelids trouble you, we’ll discuss upper eyelid surgery. If it’s prominent under-eye bags, we’ll focus on lower eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty carefully removes excess skin, repositions protruding fat, and tightens eyelid muscles. The goal isn’t just rejuvenation but also retaining your unique masculinity.

After the procedure, expect some temporary swelling and perhaps minor bruising, typically resolving in a couple of weeks. Most patients quickly return to their routines. The real transformation is what sets this apart. Beyond the aesthetic improvement, many patients share newfound confidence and vitality. Whether it’s upper, lower, or both eyelids you’re considering, I encourage you to schedule a consultation with Naples Plastic Surgery. We’re committed to helping you achieve a refreshed appearance while preserving your natural look.

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