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Dr. Baccaro on Hybrid Breast Augmentation Surgery

Video Transcript – Dr. Baccaro on Hybrid Breast Augmentation Surgery

Hi, I’m Dr. Leo Baccaro, and today I want to talk to you about hybrid breast augmentation. Now we all know about the classic breast augmentation using silicone or saline implants; however, with a hybrid technique, I use a series of techniques to really give a more detailed and refined result to breast augmentation. 

Using a combination of implants and internal support or bra and fat grafting, I can achieve a more consistent and long-lasting result. The idea is to develop nice firm, stable cleavage so that women can go along and use whatever clothing they want, even without a bra. Particularly in sunny Southwest Florida, where it’s warm all year, I know a lot of women tend to want to be able to use certain fashion like a low-cut shirt, an open back, or a bikini without a lot of support. So really, the surgery is tailored for braless fashion in which you can use all of these clothing and all these garments without worrying about having to wear a bra.

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