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When Do You Need a Breast Lift Along With your Breast Augmentation?

Video Transcript – Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

Okay – You’ve decided you’re going to have breast augmentation and you’re all excited. You’re breasts are going to bigger, they’re going to look better, and you go to your doctor and he says “You know, you might need a lift.” And you think, “Why would I need a lift?”

I’m going to demonstrate. This is a breast, the breast has the bottom part called the inframammary fold. This is where your tummy ends and your breast skin begins. If your breast is at, and your nipple is above that inframammary fold, then you don’t need a lift. You can just get an augmentation. It’ll look great.

If your breast droops below that and your nipple is starting to fall below that fold as well – maybe it’s even pointing down or not looking like where it should – then that nipple position needs to be raised and the skin needs to be tightened so that breast can be put back into a perkier position, so to speak. That requires a breast lift.

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