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Restylane® Injectable Filler | Naples FL


Restylane®: For Any and Every Look

The Restylane® family of products can add volume and fullness to the skin and correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. If you have lines extending from your nose to the corners of your mouth called the nasolabial folds, Restylane® may be the answer. For patients over 21, Restylane can be used for lip enhancement. Speak to Dr. Gardner, Dr. Baccaro, Dr. Bonett, or Dr. Walsh about your different options. 

Restylane® is not limited to moderate or severe wrinkles, however. It can be utilized for problems like creases, deep folds, and even light wrinkles like laugh lines or smokers lines. Restylane® is an excellent way to look younger with a procedure that lasts a long time!

The Restylane® Collection

Unveil a new chapter of timeless beauty with the Restylane® line of dermal fillers at Naples Plastic Surgery. Crafted with precision and expertise, these injectables redefine your natural allure, addressing a spectrum of concerns from facial wrinkles to subtle enhancements.

  • Restylane® Kysse: This advanced filler is tailored to deliver soft, natural-looking volume, redefining your lips and rejuvenating your overall facial expression.
  • Restylane® Refyne: Smooth away moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including the infamous nasolabial folds, for a refined and youthful appearance.
  • Restylane® Defyne: Effortlessly address moderate to severe deep facial wrinkles and folds, including nasolabial folds. This versatile filler is also your key to enhancing the chin region for an improved profile.
  • Restylane® Contour: This specialized filler is dedicated to cheek augmentation and the correction of midface contour deficiencies, sculpting a radiant and harmonious facial profile.

Restylane® in Naples

Restylane® is designed to be used for middle to deep dermal implantation to correct wrinkles or folds. After injection beneath the skin’s surface, Restylane® gel integrates into the dermal tissue then attracts and binds to water molecules to help maintain volume. Restylane is gradually metabolized by the body and disappears without any residue left over.

Experience the artistry of Restylane® dermal fillers at Naples Plastic Surgery, where beauty meets precision. Schedule your consultation today and embark on a journey to rediscover your radiant transformation.

Recovering from Restylane®

You may see some swelling, bruising, or redness after injection. This typically does not last more than 7-10 days. The results can be seen immediately following the treatment and can last for up to six months. Some patients achieve results that last longer, depending on the site of injection.

We also encourage our patients to take Silagen® Arnica-Bromelain Complex post-treatment to assist with less bruising. 

Preferred Patient Program

Are you ready to elevate your beauty routine to new heights while saving big?

Join our community of beauty enthusiasts and gain access to premium injectable services, luxurious Obagi skincare products, and coveted Latisse eyelash enhancement – all through our Preferred Patient Program. For just $129 a year, indulge in a world of beauty perks. Call us to get started! 


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Your Restylane® Procedure

Health is the highest priority to surgeons, so they work with great care when performing any procedures to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the body. Our doctors takes pride in helping patients begin their journey toward their aesthetic goals and strives to help his patients obtain the beautiful results they desire.

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The surgical team at Naples Plastic Surgery has a long-standing, stellar reputation for outstanding levels of skill, talent, and beautiful results. Our surgeons are highly trained, experienced, and respected in the Naples community.

At their state-of-the-art surgical suite in Naples, our plastic surgeons use their many talents, and personalized compassionate approach, to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

Naples Plastic Surgery is Proud to Serve Patients from Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and All Over the Country!

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Dr. Gardner, Dr. Baccaro, Dr. Walsh, Dr. Bonett, and their expert staff have worked with almost every type of medical history and body type, and they are eager to provide you with the same beautiful, natural-looking enhancements that they have given to so many others. To schedule a consultation, please contact us here.

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