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Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

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Brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that lifts drooping eyebrows to help patients look more refreshed and appear years younger. With a combination of top-level training, education, and expertise, Dr. Paul Gardner and Dr. Leo Baccaro rely on a minimally invasive procedure called endoscopic forehead lift to help Naples, Florida-area patients achieve a rejuvenated appearance.

Loose, drooping skin around the eyebrow area can cause patients to look fatigued, weighted and tired despite feeling energetic and well rested. Many patients become dissatisfied with the modest results topical treatments can provide and seek plastic surgery specialists such as Dr. Gardner and Dr. Baccaro for their brow lift surgery.

Brow Lift in Naples

Before the procedure, our cosmetic surgeons meet with their respective brow lift patients individually to evaluate their initial condition and listen to their aesthetic concerns and goals. In consultation with the patient, our cosmetic surgeons devise a personalized treatment plan to meet the patient's unique needs, yielding more natural-looking results.

During the procedure, an inconspicuous incision is created behind the hairline or within the scalp. Next, the surgeon lifts the forehead and sometimes removes muscles that pull the brow down. Following completion of the procedure, a bandage is applied around the head, which can generally be removed after the first day.

Forehead lift surgery is recommended for patients who suffer from deep forehead lines and drooping eyebrows. Dr. Gardner and Dr. Baccaro sometimes recommend that their forehead lift patients combine a brow lift with other cosmetic surgery procedures to help them achieve their ideal look. Many patients undergo brow lift and eyelid surgery simultaneously to dramatically improve the overall eye area.

Our practice treats patients at our fully accredited outpatient surgical facility, which is equipped with some of the most sophisticated technologies available. The facility has been endorsed by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAASF), a certification that acknowledges the Gardner Plastic Surgery's strict adherence to health codes and its advanced medical equipment.

Recovering from Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return home soon after the procedure. Patients typically need one to two weeks of rest before they are able to return to work. Dr. Gardner, Dr. Baccaro, and their compassionate medical team make themselves available to patients at all times during their recovery to help ensure minimal complication rates.

Like all surgical procedures, forehead lift surgery has a risk for infection and other complications. Gardner Plastic Surgery has a long history of performing browlift surgeries and boasts a remarkable surgical record of minimal complications.

Your Brow Lift Procedure

Health is treated with the highest priority by Dr. Paul Gardner and Dr. Leo Baccaro, so they work with great care when performing brow lifts to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the forehead. They takes pride in helping patients begin their journey toward their aesthetic goals and strive to help patients obtain the beautiful results they seek.

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with Dr. Gardner and Dr. Baccaro

The surgical team at Gardner Plastic Surgery has a long-standing, stellar reputation for outstanding levels of skill, talent, and beautiful results. Dr. Paul M. Gardner and Dr. Leopoldo M. Baccaro are both highly trained, experienced, and respected in the Naples community.

At their state-of-the-art surgical suite in Naples, our plastic surgeons use their many talents, and personalized compassionate approach, to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.


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