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    Facial plastic surgery in Naples, Florida


Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Naples, FL


Improve Your Facial Aesthetics

The surgical expertise provided by Gardner Plastic Surgery offers you numerous options to enhance your facial appearance, whether you seek to smooth away wrinkles or to define contours. Our surgeons, Dr. Paul M. Gardner and Dr. Leo M. Baccaro, are highly adept at performing aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgical procedures for the face that help correct age-related decline, ease imperfections, and make you appear younger.

Dr. Gardner is a nationally recognized cosmetic surgeon who has performed thousands of surgeries during his celebrated career, while Dr. Baccaro trained under some of the nation's top cosmetic surgeons at one of the world’s most sophisticated medical centers. Between them, Dr. Gardner and Dr. Baccaro perform all of the most common facial procedures. These include face lift, eyelid surgery, neck lift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, and more.

With advanced training in successful facial surgery techniques, our surgeons have the requisite technical skills to produce outstanding results. They also possess a keen sense of artistry that helps make any facial alterations appear balanced, aesthetically appealing and natural. As members of numerous medical associations, Drs. Gardner and Baccaro have earned an unparalleled reputation in the field.

Gardner Plastic Surgery is a Trusted Authority on Facial Sculpting

More than 30 years of combined experience has helped establish Dr. Gardner and Dr. Baccaro among the top plastic surgeons in Naples, FL. With proficiency in traditional methods and the latest surgical developments, they have earned a stellar record in producing successful outcomes. This has helped make our Naples’ plastic surgery center the go-to cosmetic surgical restoration of choice for Florida’s elite.

Your highly regarded cosmetic surgeons of Naples, Dr. Paul M. Gardner and Dr. Leopoldo M. Baccaro, help patients resolve their concerns by performing the full range of facial plastic surgery procedures, including:

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What Our Patients Are Saying

  • A Mar 2, 2020

    Dr Baccaro is a gifted surgeon, with remarkable, state of the art, skills to perform complex surgery. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I opted to go for a full bilateral mastectomy combined with reconstruction. I chose Dr. Baccaro not only because he was referred as the reconstruction subject matter expert in Florida, but because paired with Lisa, his nurse, and Amy, they demonstrated a genuine compassion and took the time to understand my situation with all emotions I was going thru. Their detailed explanation of the pros & cons of surgery, the implants, the procedure itself and the various stages of the recovery reassured me. Trust me, I had a very long list of questions and concerns! The surgery was a great success and the recovery went very well. The results are spectacular and much better than I originally expected! Dr. Baccaro and Lisa are without doubts, experts in their domain, therefore they recommended and performed what was best for my situation. What makes them different is that they have truly demonstrated they care for me, as a person not just as a patient. The entire team, Dr. Baccaro, Lisa and Amy, are wonderful human beings filled with kindness and compassion. I highly recommended Dr. Baccaro and his team!
  • Anonymous Feb 4, 2020

    Andrea & Lisa were both lovely & non intimidating their bedside manner was great Dr. Gardner was confident & reassuring he didn’t have that ‘surgeons pompous attitude’!
  • Anonymous Dec 27, 2019

    Dr. Gardner and his staff are wonderful. I felt I was in great hands throughout the entire process. Everything was explained in detail and all questions answered. I am very happy with the results and would definitely recommend Dr. Gardner and his crew.
  • Anonymous Nov 26, 2019

    My entire experience was positive. Professional, caring and successful result.
  • Anonymous Nov 25, 2019

    Dr Gardner did a great job. His staff of nurses were very accommodating and had awesome bedside manner. Really made the whole experience of surgery much easier.
  • Anonymous Sep 4, 2019

    After my mastectomy and subsequent cancer treatments Dr Gardner gave my self esteem a much boost. Thank you!
  • Anonymous Aug 28, 2019

    Amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better doctor or staff. Thank you all for giving me the best care to the new me! Love love love how I look!
  • Anonymous Sep 4, 2019

    Dr. Gardner is a gifted cosmetic surgeon, who knew exactly what I wanted !!! He gave me a 2nd chance at middle age self acceptance. This is something I struggle with on a daily basis & he brought me back to positive thoughts & feelings about myself. He is the best cosmetic surgeon I've ever been to, and I've had a notch crew as well!!
  • Anonymous Sep 4, 2019

    Amazing! I couldn't ask for a better doctor or staff. Thank you all for giving me the best care to the new me! Love love love how I look!
  • Anonymous Dec 31, 2019

    Dr. G is on a short list of people who have literally changed my life forever. I actually have a card with a hand written note to give him as an extra personal thank you.
    * Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.


    The facelift is an ideal solution for sagging skin and wrinkles on the face which can lead to an aged and tired appearance. This procedure involves tightening the skin and firming the underlying muscles to produce a smoother, more youthful appearance. The mini facelift surgery provides similar results with less invasive methods and limited downtime.


    Eyelid Surgery

    Eyelid surgery is the perfect solution for those suffering from crows’ feet or sagging eyelids. The results from this procedure can refresh your appearance and make you look years younger and more energetic. Along with correcting age-related imperfections, the procedure can improve genetic eye conditions such as under-eye bags and sinking eyelids.



    This popular procedure can reshape the defining feature of the face—the nose. Dr. Baccaro can utilize the latest surgical techniques to make subtle changes to correct minor imperfections and improve facial balance. He can also make significant alterations to reshape the nose and heighten your facial aesthetic with natural-looking results. Dr. Baccaro performs both open and closed rhinoplasty procedures, depending upon the desired enhancement, and can help repair a deviated septum as well.



    Brow lift surgery can help lift drooping eyelids and ease deep forehead lines. This surgery tends to help patients look refreshed and appear years younger. With small incisions behind the hairline or within the scalp, your surgeon can lift and reposition the forehead skin. For more dramatic results, some patients opt to combine a brow lift with eyelid surgery.


    Neck Lift

    Whether through sun exposure or advancing age, the neck area often displays some of the first indications of aging skin. The resultant loose skin, sagging skin, drooping jowls, creases, and double chin affect the appearance of both the face and neck. Neck lift surgery enhances the contours of the neck by tightening the skin and muscles. The improved contours from neck surgery can lead to a stronger jawline and overall improved head and neck area proportions.


    Ear Reshaping

    Ear reshaping, or otoplasty, may provide a lasting solution for asymmetrical, misshapen or prominent ears. While this procedure is popular among adults, children with ear defects caused by trauma or genetics also benefit. Children’s ears are more conducive to surgical alteration due to their pliable cartilage. In fact, medical experts recommend that patients born with ear imperfections undergo reshaping in their youth to provide surgeons the greatest flexibility.

    Experience Personalized & Caring Medical Aesthetic Care with Gardner Plastic Surgery

    As one of the most sought after plastic surgery practices for facelifts in Southwest Florida, Dr. Paul Gardner and Dr. Leo Baccaro know that you want to enhance your appearance in a comfortable and caring location. That is why they consult closely with each patient, perform a meticulous medical examination, and recommend procedures most likely to produce outcomes that align with patient expectations.

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