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Pediatric Ear Piercing

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Pediatric Ear Piercing

Pediatric Ear Piercing in Naples, FL

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Naples Plastic Surgery is pleased to re-introduce pediatric ear piercing to our Naples, Florida, clients. The safety of this popular procedure has been significantly enhanced with the adoption of a piercing process that protects your child from infection and nickel allergy exposure. Dr. Andrew M. Bonett MD conducts pediatric piercings with the Blomdahl system, developed under the healthcare industry’s modern aseptic technique.

The system uses a single-use, disposable piercing tool to ensure that piercings are entirely hygienic and that children are protected from transmissible infections. The piercing earrings are made of medical plastic, the same type of material used for skin sutures. This ensures that metal allergies will not become an issue concerning the piercing.

Your Pediatric Ear Piercing Procedure

Your child’s ear-piercing procedure at Naples Plastic Surgery is conducted with the simultaneous piercing of both ears to mitigate potential discomfort safely. Dr. Bonnet begins the procedure by surgically marking the piercing spot on each lobe, which he then sterilizes with alcohol swabs. The patient’s chosen sterile ear-piercing earrings are then positioned into disposable cassettes that are protected from potential contamination with safety covers. Once these are removed, Dr. Bonnet simultaneously places the cassettes over each of the lobe’s marked spots and inserts the earrings with the push of a button.

Blomdahl piercing earrings are designed to promote healing and make it easy for your child to transfer to regular earrings after the earlobes have healed. The earrings promote healing-inducing air circulation with slightly longer posts and earring backs affixing at the post’s tip. They also produce slightly larger entrance holes to ease the transition to regular earrings.

To reduce the risk of infection, Naples Plastic Surgery will provide you and your child with aftercare instructions before leaving. These instructions include twice-daily cleaning of the earlobe holes with soap and water or with Blomdahl’s specialized cleaning swabs.

Dr. Bonett considers your child’s health and comfort the highest priority, so he works with great care to ensure that your child’s ear piercing will be safe and comfortable. He takes pride in helping patients reach their aesthetic goals and strives to ensure that patients obtain the beautiful results they seek.

Pediatric Ear Piercing FAQs

How do I take care of my child’s newly pierced ears?

An ear piercing is in fact a small wound. It is important to take proper care of it throughout the healing period (approx. 6–12 weeks), in order to avoid it getting infected. By following the aftercare instructions, you can minimize the risk of infection. In the written aftercare instructions you are advised to clean the hole thoroughly twice a day, using soap and water or Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare cleansing swabs, which are gentle on the skin and easy to use. Watch this video on how to clean a newly pierced ear.

Why should I avoid rotating/twist the piercing earring?

A common misconception is that, if you do not rotate the piercing earring, the skin will get stuck to it. This is not true. What is true is that rotating the piercing earring without first having cleaned your ear, earring and hands thoroughly, can infect the ear piercing.

When can I remove the piercing earring?

If your child has had an earlobe pierced, you can remove and replace the piercing earring after 6 weeks, at the earliest. 

Have more questions? Check out Blomdahl’s frequently asked questions about ear piercing or call Naples Plastic Surgery for more information!


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Your Child's Pediatric Ear Piercing

Naples Plastic Surgery offers pediatric ear piercing to children three months and older who are up to date on their vaccine status. The $150 cost includes the piercing, piercing earrings, aftercare kit, free preferred patient program (PPP) for a parent for the year, and a complimentary cosmetic consultation if the parent desires. Online medical history is required for all pediatric ear-piercing appointments.

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