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Is Nose Surgery for Me?

Is Nose Surgery for Me?

Look and Breathe Better With Rhinoplasty; Breathe Easier With Dr. Gardner

If you’ve ever tried drawing a face then you’re aware that noses come in all shapes and sizes. Those various shapes and sizes can dramatically alter someone’s appearance and ability to breathe. Dr. Gardner from Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida, is as talented as an artist is with his pencil. With his help attain the aesthetic balance you’ve always craved while mending nasal respiratory problems that might keep you breathing as well as possible.

When should I consider Nose surgery?

  • If you are dissatisfied with the size or shape of your nose
  • If your nose is disproportionately too small or too large in relation  the rest of your facial structures
  • If you suffer from breathing difficulties from flaws inside your nose
  • If your nasal hump is too wide or elevated
  • If your nasal tip is too wide or drooping

What types of Nasal Surgery are there?


Rhinoplasty refers to surgically changing the appearance of the nose. The surgery involves working on the underlying skeleton of the nose, both bones and cartilage, and then allowing the skin to adapt to the new shape. It can be done through two different techniques, closed and open rhinoplasty.

For closed rhinoplasty, incisions are placed on the interior of your nasal passages which eliminates scar visibility.

Not only will a closed rhinoplasty hide any scars, it will allow for a more limited dissection of nasal tissue while offering high levels of visualization of the nasal structures.

  • For minor corrections
  • No visible incisions
  • No visible Scarring
  • Slight changes
  • Recovery time is required

>With an open rhinoplasty, incisions are created on the outside of the nose with an additional incision along the underside of the nose for access.

An open rhinoplasty fully opens the nose and provides excellent visualization of nasal structures. The small scar at the base of the nose is almost invisible after healing.

  • Allows for comprehensive corrections
  • A small scar at the base of nose is barely visible
  • More invasive
  • Reshaping
  • Recovery time is required


Septoplasty can help you breathe better if the septum is  deviated inside the nose.  This may assist not only in breathing, but also with snoring. It is done through incisions placed inside the nose, and can often be combined with rhinoplasty.

Depending on your personal preference and your aesthetic goal, nose surgery may be right for you.  Speak with Dr. Gardner about your options!

Keep Your Face In Trusted Hands

It’s normal to have questions or concerns about a cosmetic medical procedure. Let the team of experts at Gardner Plastic Surgery reshape your nose to your liking and lighten your face with a lift. Reality, unlike resolutions, can’t be ignored. To finish your transformation call Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida at (239) 566-2611 or visit the website

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