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Dr. Paul Gardner’s Gynecomastia Surgery

Breast Surgery for Men

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul M. Gardner not only posesses twenty years in the field of plastic surgery and all of its different aspects, but also understands the importance in procedures others may not be able to offer. When some people think of plastic surgery, the first things that comes to mind may be rhinoplasty procedures or the common breast augmentation. What might not come to mind are more recently trending operations like the one Dr. Gardner offers, known as gynecomastia surgery for males.

Dr. Gardner’s gynecomastia surgery treats the enlargement of breasts in men of different ages and body types due to abnormal development of breast tissue. This sometimes embarrassing condition can be the result of medications, or simply the result of genetics. Even bodybuilders and athletes are often affected by this condition, regardless of how hard they work to get rid of the breast tissue. This is becoming a common surgery among males, and those who have been researching in hopes of selecting an extremely qualified male breast reduction surgeon can be easily accommodated with the help of Dr. Gardner. Gardner Plastic Surgery makes the process leading up to and during the surgery comfortable, with the new location of his office and outpatient surgical facility. His facility is easy to find, conveniently located at 1250 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 101C, Naples, Florida 34108. With the combination of Doctor Gardner’s impressive background and medical talent, a wonderful staff and convenient location, men and women have the ability to feel confident in their appearance regarding their Face features, body structures, and over-all desired look. For more information visit Gardner Plastic Surgery’s website or call today 239.566.2611.

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