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Choosing the Right Breast Implant—Silicone, Saline or “Structured?”

Choosing the Right Breast Implant—Silicone, Saline or “Structured?”

No matter what reason spurred the decision to pursue breast augmentation, deciding on which implant type presents one of the more difficult choices women have to make, once they embark on the surgical route to breast vitalization. While all breast implants are made out of an inert polymer named silicone, deciding on the contents within—silicone gel or saline solution—has long stirred up the most internal debate. But there is a newer, third option women should be considering as well. That is, Ideal Implant® Structured Breast Implants that maneuver the flow of saline to better mimic the natural feel and look of breast tissue.

Silicone Versus Saline

Silicone gel implants are favored by many women because their limited viscosity tends to offer the most natural look and realistic feel they are seeking in their revitalized breasts. But, while deemed safe by the FDA, a 14-year ban on their use that ended in 2006 put a stigma on them that makes some women leery of them to this day. They are also considered problematic because their gel-like substance is not naturally absorbed into the body, which means that ruptures and leakage may not be easily noticed. That said, the safety profile of silicone implants—the most widely studied medical device in history—has remained positive since their re-introduction in 2006, with the market for silicone implants steadily improving to the point that the two currently have roughly equal overall market share.

Saline breast implants have long held a better perceived safety profile than silicone gel, but their aesthetic reputation is marred by the perception that they may not adequately replicate the natural look and feel of real breasts. And, because the saline implants have more liquidity than silicone, they are more prone to temporary misshaping such as folding or wrinkling around the breast edges. However, the amount of saline within the implants can be adjusted during surgery to better tailor the outcome of breast symmetry and size.

Structured Breast Implants Provide a Newer Option

Women now have a third option to consider when deciding on which breast augmentation implant option will best meet their needs. “Structured” breast implants utilize internal channels and baffling to restrict the flow and potential sloshing of saline solution through the implant to better simulate the feel of natural breast tissue. Ideal Implant® Structured Breast Implants represent next-generation technology that provides the realistic look and natural feel of breast tissue, but with the perceived safety profile offered by saline implants. Clinically tested since 2009 and approved by the FDA in 2014, Ideal Implants® offer a unique solution to meet both the aesthetic and health-related goals of women seeking to enhance their self-image through breast augmentation.

Natural Feel is a Result of Innovative Design

Ideal Implant® Structured Breast Implants were designed specifically by a plastic surgeon to bridge the differences between saline and silicone implants, while also offering the best possible safety profile. The innovative “structured” design includes a series of implant shells nested together in two different chambers holding the saline. Depending upon implant size, the shells may also include baffles to further inhibit fluid movement. This internal structure controls the movement of the saline solution to prevent implant folding and wrinkling around the edges. Ideal Implants are also specially contoured to match the natural curve of the chest wall, and, due to the internal structure, are less prone to rupture and subsequent deflation. If breakage does occur, the saline is naturally absorbed by the body, though the shell will need to be surgically removed and replaced.

Dr. Gardner is one of the few qualified cosmetic surgeons offering Ideal Implants® in the Naples, Florida area. With years of breast augmentation experience and a reputation for cosmetic artistry, Dr. Gardner is pleased to add this innovative implant to his practice. The doctor will discuss the Ideal Implant® option along with other implant options in his consultation with patients. Dr. Gardner offers various breast surgical approaches, and may recommend combining implant surgery with other breast enhancement procedures. To learn more about Ideal Implant® Structured Breast Implants and Dr. Gardner’s long-standing breast enhancement surgery expertise,

contact Gardner Plastic Surgery today at 239.566.2611 to schedule your initial consultation.

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