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PrecisionTx® (Precision Laser Treatment)

Naples Plastic Surgery

Enhance the contours and aesthetics of your jawline and neck with the new minimally invasive laser procedure – PrecisionTx®! This new and innovative technology stimulates the collagen production in your own body which will lead to enhanced skin elasticity, suppleness, and a smoother texture.

PrecisionTx® in Naples

Prior to your PrecisionTx® treatment the area is numbed with an anesthetic and small incisions are made. The incisions are made to allow a laser fiber, about the size of the tip of a pen, to deliver a very gentle, controlled laser energy to stimulate and revitalize your collagen production. Not only will it make your skin smoother and suppler, it will also treat some excess fat!

PrecisionTx® only takes about an hour and can be performed in the comfort of Gardner Plastic Surgery. Along with being an incredibly effective procedure for enhancing the contours of your jawline, PrecisionTx® is also a one-time procedure and delivers long-lasting results!

This revolutionary technology utilizes a side-firing laser. In fact, it is very similar to Cellulaze which treats cellulite. Using a state-of-the-art ThermaGuide temperature control system, PrecisionTx® applies gentle and precise heat to the tissues in the neck and face which causes significant and enduring collagen production. This process will yield a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance because you’re using your own collagen!

Recovering from PrecisionTx®

The treatment should not cause any significant discomfort. Similarly to other minimally invasive treatments, you may feel a light pressure during treatment and soreness afterwards but it should resolve itself fairly quickly. You can expect to return to your regular activities in just a few days!

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Your PrecisionTx® Procedure

Health is the highest priority to Dr. Paul Gardner, so he works with great care when working with patients to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the neck. He takes pride in helping his patients begin their journey toward their aesthetic goals and strives to help his patients obtain the beautiful results they desire.

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with Dr. Gardner and Dr. Baccaro

The surgical team at Gardner Plastic Surgery has a long-standing, stellar reputation for outstanding levels of skill, talent, and beautiful results. Dr. Paul M. Gardner and Dr. Leopoldo M. Baccaro are both highly trained, experienced, and respected in the Naples community.

At their state-of-the-art surgical suite in Naples, our plastic surgeons use their many talents, and personalized compassionate approach, to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.


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