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Getting rid of cellulite has never been easier than now. Using Cellulaze®, our clients are able to remove cellulite and unwanted fat from their bodies. At Gardner Plastic Surgery in Naples, Florida, there is a new powerful way to get the body you’ve wanted with this incredible treatment.

Considering Cellulite Treatment

  • If your skin looked puckered from cellulite or fat accumulation.
  • If you’re not significantly overweight but have cellulite in problem areas like the hips, buttocks, or thighs.
  • If you have skin that makes cellulite or fat deposits more obvious.
  • If you have seen no improvement after using other cellulite treatments like creams or injections.

Cellulaze® will improve the appearance of cellulite on your skin, if not remove it entirely. Utilizing the SideLaze laser, the skin elasticity and smoothness are increased while removing cellulite. The results of Cellulaze® will be long-lasting, and visible following the treatment.

Cellulaze® in Naples

Cellulaze® targets cellulite directly. This treatment is provided using a SideLaze laser fiber. The SideLaze is a revolutionary tool that heats the cellulite and fat without damaging the skin around it. In fact, the laser is designed to improve the texture and suppleness of the skin while simultaneously destroying fat cells.

Your Cellulaze® Procedure

Cellulaze® is a minimally invasive laser procedure that targets cellulite directly and removes it by threading a very fine laser fiber beneath the skin. The laser then uses gentle heat to make precise cuts around the fat cells, which loosens the cells and smooths out the cellulite dimples and pockmarks. Not only does this treatment get rid of cellulite, it also tights the skin and boosts your skin's elasticity.

Recovering from Cellulaze®

Immediately after the treatment, you’ll likely experience some bruising and swelling. You should be able to return to regular activities within two days. It is extremely important to follow all post-care instructions provided by Gardner Plastic Surgery. This may include information about compression garments, taking the proper medication, and what levels of intensity are acceptable for various activities following this procedure.

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with Dr. Gardner and Dr. Baccaro

The surgical team at Gardner Plastic Surgery has a long-standing, stellar reputation for outstanding levels of skill, talent, and beautiful results. Dr. Paul M. Gardner and Dr. Leopoldo M. Baccaro are both highly trained, experienced, and respected in the Naples community.

At their state-of-the-art surgical suite in Naples, our plastic surgeons use their many talents, and personalized compassionate approach, to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals.


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