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Male Facelift

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Sun damage, genetics and skin elasticity all play a significant role in how men age. In many instances, patients who feel young and energetic on the inside experience sagging skin and wrinkles. In order to have their outer apperance match their inner vitality, many seek the services of Dr. Gardner.

Facelift Surgery in Naples

Prior to every procedure, Dr. Gardner meets with the patient for a one-on-one consultation in order to determine their goals and expectations. He then uses this information to develop a personalized treatment plan that will help them achieve these goals. In some instances, he may suggest that patients combine their facelift surgery with liposuction in order to remove fatty tissues along the jawline and into the neck, helping patients who suffer from a "double chin" appearance.

During the procedure, he begins by carefully making easily concealed incisions in front of and behind the ears. Next, he gently tightens loose skin and extracts excess tissue, artfully removing years or even decades of sagging and wrinkling.

Mini Facelift Surgery

Mini facelift surgeries are among the most popular and common cosmetic facial surgeries performed today. Much like a full facelift, a mini facelift addresses facial wrinkles and sagging due to aging. The primary difference between the two is that the mini facelift is a minimally invasive procedure, and less undermining of the skin and muscle mobilization. The recovery time for a mini facelift is much quicker and it offers the benefit of shorter scars, however it is intended to treat mild to moderate signs of aging, and is most effective in treating the lower face and jaw line.

The mini facelift is done in the office using an oral sedative and local anesthesia. Incisions are made in front of or behind the ears in creases and folds. The skin is minimally lifted and the underlying muscle is tightened to contour the jawline and neck. The extra skin is removed and the incisions are closed, hiding them in natural creases.

Recovering from Facelift Surgery

Once Dr. Gardner completes the facelift surgery, he wraps patients in large, fluffy dressings to minimize swelling and encourage faster recovery periods. Patients require two weeks of recovery before engaging in normal daily activities, and full recovery typically takes about four to six weeks. Mini facelift patients can return to normal activities after just a few days.

As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk for complications, including infection. Dr. Gardner reviews these risks with each patient prior to surgery, calling on years of experience to help patients enjoy a healthy, pleasant recovery.

Your Facelift Procedure

Health is the highest priority to Dr. Paul Gardner, so he works with great care when working with patients to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the face. He takes pride in helping his patients begin their journey toward their aesthetic goals and strives to help his patients obtain the beautiful results they desire.

Additional Male Procedure Options
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Over the course of his career, Dr. Paul M. Gardner has earned a reputation as one of the most highly skilled and talented surgeons in Florida as a result of his caring, attentive nature and surgical precision and skill.

At his state-of-the-art surgical suite in Naples, our plastic surgeon uses his many talents to help his patients achieve their aesthetic goals.


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