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Carpal Tunnel Surgery & Non-Surgical Treatments in Naples

Do you periodically wake up during the night with a feeling that something is wrong with your hand and instinctively try to “shake it out?” Do your primary fingers and thumb often feel numb, tingle, and sometimes burn with a strange pain that can shoot up into your forearm? Are you having difficulties with manipulating small objects in your hands—perhaps trouble with buttons or sorting pocket change—and find that you seem to be dropping things more often?

If you are experiencing any of these issues, they might be symptomatic of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome emerge slowly and tend to be noticed first at night. When these symptoms first appear they tend to come and go, but they can occur more frequently and with greater intensity over time. Other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • An electrical shocking sensation that periodically running through your fingers and thumb
  • A sensation of having swollen fingers even when they don’t appear so
  • Inability to distinguish hot from cold by touch
  • Noticeable weakness of the thumb and fingers
  • Difficulty with grip and pinching
  • Difficulty making a fist

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition caused by undue pressure on the median nerve, which directs nerve signals to and from your thumb and all fingers excepting the pinky. The median nerve is protected in the wrist by a narrow passageway made of bone and ligament tissue, but this “tunnel” can be squeezed when the wrist is inflamed due to other conditions. This in turn pinches the median nerve, which leads to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Assess Your Hand and Wrist Conditions at Naples Plastic Surgery

If you have been struggling with the symptoms indicative of carpal tunnel syndrome in Naples, FL, consider consulting with Dr. Jason Crespo, MD, a board-eligible plastic surgeon and hand surgeon at Naples Plastic Surgery. Dr. Crespo’s extensive medical training in orthopedic hand surgery and plastic surgery makes him uniquely qualified to assess and treat all issues involving hand functionality.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment Options

Prior to suggesting any treatment options, Dr. Crespo relies on a series of diagnostic tests to help determine whether the symptoms are caused by carpal tunnel syndrome or by some other condition. Dr. Crespo relies on two different treatments to address carpal tunnel syndrome: steroid injection and carpal tunnel release surgery.

Steroid Injection Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

Steroid injection treatment involves an injection of corticosteroids right into the wrist and carpal tunnel. The steroid helps decrease inflammation around the tunnel with the goal of easing the compression it’s putting on the median nerve. Successful easing of the symptoms can also serve as a diagnostic tool to confirm carpal tunnel syndrome when other testing proves inconclusive. This treatment usually only provides short-term (six months to a year) relief for the condition, though this may be enough if the underlying causes—such as repetitive stress—are identified and curtailed.

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Carpal tunnel release surgery typically provides a long-term, and often permanent, cure, as the surgery relieves pressure on the median nerve by cutting the ligaments on top of the carpal tunnel to create more room within. Dr. Crespo performs the outpatient procedure with the majority of his patients using what is known as “WALANT” surgery (wide-awake, local-anesthesia, with the option to perform with or without a tourniquet). This means that there is hardly any downtime and most patients can use the affected hand immediately. Some patients, such as those prone to anxiety, are not eligible for WALANT, but can have the same surgical procedure performed under a regional anesthetic and monitored IV sedation. 

Patients typically notice that occurrences of nighttime waking with hand shaking stop immediately, and other symptoms ease soon after. Dr. Crespo conducts a follow-up exam about 10 to 14 days after the surgery, at which point the stitches are removed.     


Why Choose Naples Plastic Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Naples Plastic Surgery places the same commitment to superior patient care, comfort, and individualized service on our hand surgery patients as we do for our cosmetic patients. We strive to treat you like you’re the only patient in our office each step of the way, and our staff and surgeons go above and beyond to ensure your comfort, relaxation, and that all questions or concerns are addressed.

Also, as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Crespo keeps the final aesthetic result of a procedure at the forefront of his mind alongside the functional result. Plastic surgeons are experts at minimizing the appearance of scarring and helping ensure a full cosmetic recovery after any kind of surgery, and hand surgery is no exception.

If you are experiencing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome call 239-566-2611 or Send us a Message for an evaluation with Dr. Crespo.

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