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Breast Lift Surgery

Naples Plastic Surgery

Dr. Gardner is known throughout the Naples area as a highly experienced breast lift surgeon. His ability to gently reshape breast tissue during surgery has attracted patients from all over Florida to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

A breast lift is an advanced cosmetic procedure that reshapes existing breast tissue to lift breasts to a higher, more desirable position. During the procedure, Dr. Gardner treats women's concerns with drooping of the breasts by extracting excess skin and tissue and tightening the overall breast to achieve more youthful-looking results.

Breast Lift in Naples

Patients speak with Dr. Gardner about their breasts before receiving any procedure. Together, they agree upon the right technique for each unique case. Gardner Plastic Surgery offers three techniques that vary according to incision placement and give patients several options to minimize visible scarring, including:

  • Anchor-shaped breast lift
  • Peri-areolar, or around the nipple breast lift
  • Lollipop breast lift

In some situations, many women combine this procedure with other breast enhancement procedures to obtain the best results for their figures. Those who suffer from chronic back pain often benefit greatly from this cosmetic surgery with breast reduction. The combination of these two procedures extracts breast tissue, as well as reshapes breasts to ease physical discomforts and lift bustlines to a more balanced position. Other patients receive a breast lift with breast augmentation to restore fullness lost due to nursing or aging. After speaking with Dr. Gardner, patients can determine which technique is right for them.

Recovering from Breast Lift Surgery

Because breast lift is a surgical procedure, some patients may experience complications during their recoveries. Gardner Plastic Surgery boasts an outstanding surgical record and is committed to providing personalized patient care throughout the cosmetic process. Dr. Gardner performs this procedure as an outpatient procedure at an accredited state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center, allowing patients to rest in their own homes until fully healed.

Patients who receive cosmetic surgery typically need one to two weeks of rest before being able to return to their daily schedules. Dr. Gardner typically recommends that his patients wear a supportive garment during their recovery periods to encourage faster recoveries and lower risks of complications.

Your Breast Lift Procedure

Health is the highest priority to Dr. Paul Gardner, so he works with great care when performing breast lift surgery to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the breasts. He takes pride in helping his patients begin their journey toward their aesthetic goals and strives to help his patients obtain the beautiful results they desire.

Additional Plastic Surgery Procedures
with Dr. Gardner

Over the course of his career, Dr. Paul M. Gardner has earned a reputation as one of the most highly skilled and talented surgeons in Florida as a result of his caring, attentive nature and surgical precision and skill.

At his state-of-the-art surgical suite in Naples, our plastic surgeon uses his many talents to help his patients achieve their aesthetic goals.


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